Yangtze River Cruise

  Yangtze River Cruise  
Travel around China
- starting from Beijing
-- Beijing, Chongqing, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai Tours  (10-days)
-- Beijing to Xian, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai  Tours  (14-days)
-- Beijing to Guilin, Xian, Yangtze River Cruise and Shanghai  Tour  (16-days)
-- Beijing to Xian, Chengdu, Yangzte River Cruise and Shanghai Tour        (18-days)
If you enter China from Beijing or Shanghai and have a plan to visit the Three Gorges,we hightly recommend the route  below. You can chouse route according to your time schedule.
 If you want to design your itinerary or plan a special route, we can help you make it easier.You may E-mail us and tell us your idea.
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  Travel around China  
Travel around China
- starting from Shanghai
- Shanghai, Yangtze River and Beijing Tours   (9-days)
- Shanghai to Xian, Yangtze River Cruise, Beijing Tour           (12-days)
- Shanghai to Beijing, Yangtze River Cruise, Xian, Guilin Tours       (17-days)
- Shanghai to Yangtze River, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin, Beijing        (16-days)
- Shanghai to Yangtze River Cruise, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guilin and Hong Kong    (14-days)
- Shanghai to Xian, Chengdu, Yangzte River Cruise and Beijing Tour             (18-days)


Yangtze Cruise Activities
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The Yangtze River cruises offer a variety of activities to enrich your leisure time in addition to sightseeing. The activities focus on traditional Chinese culture.

Welcoming Ceremony
The Yangtze River Cruise begins with a welcoming ceremony at which guests are provided with basic knowledge of the Yangtze River and introduced to the vessel's senior crew and the activity schedule. In addition to the information provided at that time, a the three day printed program will be sent to your stateroom. Due to conditions on the Yangtze River, such as water levels and weather, the scheduled events of each voyage may change. The crew will ensure the itinerary remains as constant as possible, and guests will be kept fully informed of alterations. In case of flooding or stormy weather, for the guests’ safety the stream drift program has to be canceled. If the Yangtze floods or there is fog, a cruise may be canceled, but this situation is very rare.


Safety and Tour Familiarization

The Cruise guide will give an more in-depth talk about the cruise after guests are on board for the first day. This will include a safety seminar to introduce basic services, the schedule of the Yangtze River tour, introduction to the Yangtze River, safety tips, and cruise services. It will also include an introduction to the Three Gorges: The Formation of the Yangtze River, Three Gorges Geological changes, weather changes, the Three Gorges Project.

lecture-Yangtze River Cruise

Taichi And Chinese Medicine Lessons

Each morning on the ship's deck, visitors can enjoy a Tai Chi lesson and learn about traditional Chinese health practices in a 30 minute session with an instructor.

The Taichi Teaching

Culture Lectures

Throughout the cruise there are lectures on traditional Chinese culture, including calligraphy, painting, sculpture, embroidery, kite making, acupuncture, foot massage, pearls,  and lessons on how to play Chinese Mahjong, make Chinese dumplings and carve vegetables. Cruise guests will be advised of daily activities through the ship's broadcasts.


Dancing Party

Yangtze River Cruises generally offer an oriental song and dance party, full of elegance and simplicity. The party features performances by the most talented members of the crew. The atmosphere is friendly, like a family gathering. There is usually no charge for the party and guests only pay for drinks.

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