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Pingyao Attractions - Pingyao Tour

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Pingyao Ancient City

Pingyao Ancient City was first built in the year of Westzhou dynasty (827BC-782BC). It was rebuilt and enlarged in Ming and Qing dynasty. In Dec 7, 1997 it was list on the World Heritage by UNESCO.

With 2.25 square kilometres, there are 45,000 populations. The city has 4 avenues, 8 streets and 72 lanes with chess-board shape. As the protecting by government, the city walls, streets, houses, shops, temples etc. in this city have all been standing still as if they were in the past. Rishengchang which lies in the center of the Old City was Exchange Shop. It is the first 'bank' in Chinese history .It tells of the prosperity of the Jin Businessmen in Chinese history. The County Government Office on Zhengfu Street shows a complete picture of the solemn law court and prison of the Qing Dynasty. In Chenghuangmiao Street, the Temple of the City God and the Confucius Temple shows local people’s life.
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Pingyao China tour,Pingyao Tour,Pingyao Tourist Site,Taiyuan pingyao tour,China travel,
PingYao Trip

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Pingyao tour to Ancient City Wall
The city wall is one of three masterpieces in Pingyao ancient city. The city was built in the Ming dynasty. It is 6.4 kilometers surrounding the ancient city. This city is biggest and best preserved city wall in Shanxi Province.The wall was renovated in the Ming and Qing dynasties several times, while the style was not changed.The city wall is square shape with 12 meters height and 3-4 meters wide on the top of the wall. This a wall made of bricks. There are many watchtowers and battlements. Outside the wall, you can see the 4-meter wide, 4-meter deep moat surrounding the city wall.There are 6 gates on the city wall. It is said that Pingyao City was designed according to Chinese Fengshui and the shape of the city wall should be looked like a turtle, so the gates are the head, tail, and four legs of the turtle.
The history of the city wall is more than 600 years. It is still standing here to tell the story of how it helped and protected the local people.
Pingyao tour to Ancient Ming and Qing Streets
The ancient Ming and Qing Street is one of the 4 main avenues in the ancient Pingyao city. It is also called the Culture Street. It was the most busy business center from Ming and Qing dynasty. On the two sides of the street, there are many shops orderly arranged along the road.The ancient Ming and Qing Street is the axes of the Pingyao city, the center of the axes is the City Building. The City Building is tallest one in the ancient city of Pingyao. You can see the whole view of this ancient city.The Ming and Qing Street is about 750 meters long. All the shops are the Ming and Qing style architecture. The shops including bank, pawn, herbal medicine shop, tobacconist, variety store, silk store, tea house, shambles, barber, restaurants are still standing. But there are different goods to sell now. You may try savory beefs, 'Wantuo', noodles when you walk on this street. Do not forget to dip some vinegar when you try these snacks.
Pingyao tour to Pingyao County Office
Pingyao County Office is located in the center of the city. It was first built in the North Wei dynasty and come to fixed in the Yuan, Ming dynasty. The original buildings here are more than 600 years.
Pingyao County Office is sitting north and facing south. The 200 meters axes divide the whole area into east and weat parts. It is 100 meters wide with the whole area 26,000 square meters.
There are six courtyards from south to north which are located on the axes. They are Office Gate, Great Hall, Residence Gate, Second Hall, Residence Area and Daxian Tower. The Daxian Tower is the only Yuan dynasty building which is still standing in the Pingyao County Office. Under the Daxian Tower, there is a cave which was changed to a dinner room for the ephor.
Pingyao tour to Rishengchang Draft Bank
Rishengchang is the first draft bank appeared in China. The draft bank was a financial institution. The main function was exchanging money.In 1823, because it is not very safe to hire the professional firm furnishing armed escort, the family Li who had business in Beijing need a way to keep his money safe on the way between Beijing and Pingyao, he built the first draft bank Shanxi province.Rishengchang Draft Bank is located on the west street of Pingyao Ancient City. It has an area of 1,700 square meters.
Rishengchang has 21 large or small architectural structures, forming an integrated and comprehensive courtyard of commercial shops and stores. The architectural style not only possesses the common features of all commercial buildings but also has its own distinctive characteristics. As the carrier of history and culture, the architecture of Rishengchang provides us with precious material information for the deeper and further study and understanding of the historical culture, business culture and commercial traditions, and the art of architecture; it is one of the most important tourist resources which will never be created again.
Pingyao tour to Shuanglin Temple
Shuanglin Temple is reputed to be the 'ancient painted sculptures museum. It is most famous for its collection of 2,050 coloured statues, in addition to the Tang Scholar Tree, Song Dynasty Stele, Ming Dynasty Clock, and the more than 100 sq. meters of painted frescoes on the walls. It is designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.The temple has ten large and small halls, and the sutra chanting hall and the monks' rooms. They are the Heavenly Kings' Hall, the Arhats' Hall, the Mahavira Hall, and the One-Thousand Buddha Hall, the Sakyamuni Hall, the Bodhisattva Hall, the Ti-tsang Bodhisattva Hall, the Guan Yu's Hall and two other halls. Shuanglin Temple was opened to the public in 1997, and together with Pingyao Ancient Town and nearby Zhenguo Temple, was listed as a World Cultural Heritage site.
Pingyao tour to Temple of the City God
The Temple of the City God was first built in the Ming dynasty. In 1859, the temple was destoried on fire. In 1864, the local government rebuilt it under the support of rich families.The temple of city God has the Qing dynasty style. The total area is 7,300 square meters with 4 courtyards. They are Temple of The City God, Caishen Temple, Zaojun Temple and Zhenwu Tower.Temple of the City God includes many constructions,such as Hall of the City God, Theatre Hall, and Sleep Hall. Hall of the City God is the court of law of the city god, thus the atmosphere in the hall is serious and gloomy. The city god is sitting upright in the shrine with the judges and ghosts standing to the side. Sleep Hall is the place where the city god lives with family dependants. The room downstairs is the site where the city god deals with special legal cases and receives guests, while the room upstairs is the city god's bedroom.
Caishen Temple has three main figures in the shrine to be worshipped. The sculptures in the shrine are delicately carved and symbolize delight and auspiciousness. The painting on the wall vividly depicts the great occasion of minority's coming a long way to present tribute to emperor. Besides Caishen Temple, there are also Zhenwu Pavilion and the Theatre Hall of Caishen.Zaojun Temple is place where the Cooking god to be worshiped. Legend says that the cooking god is dispatched to supervise people's acts indoors and report the fruit of his work to the highest god every twelfth month of the lunar year. In order to avoid bad deeds being reported, people prepare a kind of delicious dessert for the cooking god named 'Tanggua'. In the temple, when spring comes, the 100-year-old clove trees bloom and give off perfume, adding vitality to the temple.The temple is deeply rooted in the religious culture and well reflected in the folk customs. It is a special site that tourists should never miss when visiting Shanxi.
Pingyao tour to Zhenguo Temple
Zhenguo Temple is located at village Haodongcun, which is 15 kilometers north of the Pingyao Ancient City. This is a Buddhist temple which was first built in the 963 during the North Han dynasty. It was rebuilt in 1816 during the Qing dynasty. The Wanfo Hall is the olddest structure in this temple. The date was found on the beam in the Wanfo Hall. Zhenguo Temple was called Jingcheng Temple formerly. There are two courtyards. The front part is Tianwang Hall with Bell Tower and Drum Tower on the two sides. The building between the two courtyards is Wanfo Hall. In the second yard, you will see Sanfo Hall in the middle, Guanyin Hall on the east and Dizang Hall on the west.The most famous hall is the Wanfo Hall. In side the hall, you can see the statue of Sakyamuni sitting on a 6-meter stage. There are 11 statues together in this hall. The Wanfo Hall is the only wooden structure built in Five Period and still standing.

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