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> One day Xian tour from Shanghai by TRAIN
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> Bell Tower Hotel Xian
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> Grand New World Hotel
> Aurum International Hotel
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Tang Dynasty Dinner Show
  Tang Dynasty Dinner Show,Xi'an Travel,Xian Tour.  

Tang Dynasty Dinner Show is a performance of music and dance that was originated more than one thousand-year ago. Tang Dynasty was the climax of China's development in music and dance.
There are to famous theatres in Xi’an for Tang Dynasty Dinner Show. They are Shaanxi Grand Opera Theatre and Tang Yue Gong Palace Theatre. Both of them offer Chinese dumplings dinner.
The shows include: King Qin Break the Battle Array, Dance of Rainbow Skirt and Feather Garments, Spring Orioles Song, The Quarrel Between Ducks, Warriors Triumphal Dance & White Ramie Ribbon Dance£¨The white Ramie Clothe Costume Dance£¨Da Nuo Dance Rainbow, Skirt and the Feathered Coat Dance, Ta Ge Dance The Song of Unending Sorrow.

Tang Yue Gong Palace Theatre
Show time :20:30---21:40   220rmb/p
Dinner and show time: 6:30---21:40 500rmb/p
Tel: 029-86690058 85395069 85392885
Shaanxi Grand Opera Theatre
Show time: 20:00—21:10 218rmb/p
Dinner and show time: 18:00—20:00 80rmb/p
Tel : 029-87771630  13488213698

xian tour,Tang Dynasty Dinner Show,xian trip

11 Chang'an International Plaza
Chang'an International Plaza is located in Xi'an South Gate No. 88 Centre Street with a total construction area of 280,000 square meters This area mixed of international business centre, international apartments, five-star hotels, department stores, Department Store.
International Business Center composed of A, B, C, D four 11-story 45 meters high building. The Department stores is the biggest in Xi’an.  
12 Salsa Club
The modern nightlife in Xi’an is also rich and colorful. There are some night clubs in Xi’an such as Tang Ren's Bar at No.48 Defu Lane, South main Street, Pirates 808 Bar at No.9 Defu Lane, South nain Street, Old Henry‘s Bar at No.48 Defu Lane, South Main street, 1+1 Disco at 2F, No.285 East Avenue. Salsa Club is on the 7th floor, Parkson shopping mall, West Main Street in Xi’an.
Salsa Club is a new one and has already become one of the most crowded clubs in Xi'an and also one of the best clubs around. It has nice looking and good prices. It is very busy on weekends. It became a popular place for young people to spent night time.
13 Defachang Restaurant and Dumpling Dinner
A, History of Chinese Dumplings
It has at least 2000 years history. Eating dumplings is very traditional way on new years’ eve. Dumplings is filled up form shrimp, ground pork, ground beef and different kinds of vegetables or mixed staff. In China, steamed bun and sweet dumplings are very popular too.
B, Defachang Restaurant
 Defachang Restaurant is located close to Bell &Drum Tower Square in the centre of Xi’an city. It is famous for its dumplings various types and shapes. In this Restaurant dumplings can be boiled steamed and fried. With the best skill of making dumplings, it became the worth place to enjoy dinner.


Xi'an Tourist Site:

Qin Mausoleum Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Lintong Museum Shaanxi History Museum
The Great Mosque Xi'an Forest of Stele Museum Xi'an City Wall Small Wild Goose Pagoda
Han Yang Mausoleum Tang Dynasty Dinner Show Huaqing Hot Spring Big Wild Goose Pagoda
The Bell Tower Banpo Neolithic Village Museum E'Fang Palace Yan'an Pagoda
Famen Temple   Huashan Mount The Drum Tower


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