Space Flight Spectacle
  Space Flight Spectacle  


Taste the great experience of space flight, and fly over future time and space.’ By displaying the science, technology and findings of spaceflight and aviation, Space Flight Spectacle (SFS) reveals the rapt space to people, having them taste the infinite mysteries of space science and the universe.
As a large-scale place of tourism and recreation that mixes together science, technology, science fiction, tourism and recreation, SFS is the largest of its kind at present in the country. Located in Dongpu Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, it was built with an investment of over 200 million yuan made by the farmers at Dongpu Town. The first phase covers an area of 320-odd mu (21.8 hectares), composed of ten-odd tourist sites and water activities area, small gardens, spectacle viewing area, amusement land, displaying sites for original exhibits, etc.
Displayed in the Space Flight Scientific Museum is the original CZ-3B, the best and most powerful carrying rocket so far in the nation, together with originals and models of rocket series, missile series and satellite series. From here you can know the past and future of scientific and technological developments in China and the world.
The Rocket Launch Command and Control Center is where you can experience in person the whole process of rocket launching. The Space Travel offers you venturous and romantic experience of space travel. The Hall of Volcano and Earthquake makes you experience in person the breathtaking moment when magma soars towards the sky, the Roman buildings collapse with a loud bang. All these would let you feel as in the space, tasting the unknown world of perplexity and mystery.
In addition, the Water World, the Rocket Launch Square, the Constellation Square, the Friendship Camp and the like, together with meticulously-designed gardens, constitute beautiful lines of landscape, making visitors forget to return.

Space Flight Spectacle

SFS has attracted over a million visitors since its opening. Many visitors came with zest and exclaimed with admiration when left: ‘ The Space Flight Spectacle is extraordinary.’ In retrospect, SFS has made spectacular achievements. In prospect, SFS is to welcome guests from everywhere with better corporate quality and more customized service.


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