Longsheng Terraced Fields
  Guilin Longsheng Terraced Fields,Guilin tour  
Longsheng terraced fields is about 28 kms from the longsheng county of Guangxi.The winding roads on the mountain will leads you up to 600 meter high above the sea level,when you see the terraced fields you already at the point of 880 meter above the sea level.
  The Longsheng terraced fields is one of the most famous scenic spot in Guangxi, it was built in the Yuan Dynasty, over 700 years ago.
  The hard-working people on the fields will introduce to you the view of "seven stars around the moon", seven small terraces fields on seven hills formed seven circle heart, as well as the "nine dragons and five tigers". The best time for watching the view is when the terraced fields filled with water and when some young leaves just appear in the field.The fresh air without any dust, even the air we breathe as if it were all green.In the old wooden building, a little girl wearing simply was waving to us happily.Always like this, when you are away from the city your heart will feel so calm and stable.
  Longsheng Terraced Fields,China Travel Guilin.  

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