Grand World Scenic Park
  Grand World Scenic Park  


Located in Guangzhou's suburban Dongpu, Tianhe, Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park covers an area of 480,000 sq. meters, with investment totaling 567 million yuan. As one of the Top Ten Scenic Spots in Guangzhou, it is praised as the Moon Project of Guangzhou's tourism.
The Grand World Scenic Park has gathered together the world's wonderful views of the nature, sculptures and architectures, horticulture, and national traditions and customs, entertainment performances, vividly reproducing the cultural and artistic highlights of the five continents. It is a large-scale comprehensive attraction that mixes together appreciation, stimulation and participation, its exclusive feature lying in the fact that real scenes are made real, thus much to its uniqueness and fascination.
The park is divided into six theaters, four entertainment areas and several horticultural spots, together with the Arabian Market, Italian Street, Mexican Market and American Street, etc. that integrate the functions of entertainment, dinning and shopping.
The landform spectacles of over 26 countries around the world such as the cactus community of South America, the arch bridge at the Yellowstone National Park in the US, the Mescal beach are magnificent and gorgeous. The man-made giant Asian banyan tree on the lake shore covers an area of 2,300 sq. meters, probably the largest in the world.
In the Times Square, the Opera House in Paris, the Ancient Greek Theater, the Arab Theater, the English Theater and the Japanese Theater, artists from all over the world give terrific artistic performances once and again. The fantastic and moving stories, excellent and skilled dances and dazzling lighting are so magnificent that they are acclaimed as the acme of perfection. Performances and entertainment programs last up to 13 hours every day, with old programs replaced by the new ones frequently.
When the night falls and lights are on, the curtain is lifted for the performance of Titanic, a new version, large-scale and panoramic dance drama. The superb dances, splendid costumes, the bold and unconstrained story, and the special effects of fireworks and rains altogether create an atmosphere full of arts, which shakes the visitors' soul and gives them aesthetic treatment. The drama boasts a strong lineup and a grand spectacle.

Grand World Scenic Park

At the same time, specially introduced are the two terrific, exciting and romantic performances, the 'Carnival Tonight - Glamour of Broadway in the US' and 'The West Stories ', which display the variety of the US culture and arts from different perspectives, taking you into the splendid dancing world, the Broadway tradition and the old times of gold rush and trailblazing in the west of the US.
Entertainment items are novel and peculiar, full of interest, thus attracting tourists to participate. The comprehensive amusement park embraces the most advanced either home or abroad mini go-cars, remote-controlled cars, program-controlled trains, kids fantasy mix and space amusement planes that are very popular in the US. Many water activities as well as swimming at the Hawaii beach are in progress like wildfire. One would feel carefree and joyous when rowing a boat in the lake system that goes through the whole park. Available to visitors on the main pictorial ring road along the green lake are the British loyal classical carriages, sightseeing trains, battery carts.
Large-scale musical fountain and hi-tech simulated motion movies, laser water screen films would let visitors feel the happiness and magic brought about by modern high technology, much to people's admiration.
In the Grand World Scenic Park visitors can have a taste of snacks and delicacies with special country flavor all over the world. In addition, there are various handicrafts and souvenirs to be selected and purchased by tourists. 1: 1 beautiful scenes offer you a truer and bigger view of the world.


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