Beijing Tour  
China Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven are considered as the most important six tourist sites in Beijing. Other scenic spots like Lugou Bridge.....
 Badaling Great Wall  
Badaling Great Wall is the site of the most visited section of the Great Wall of China, approximately 70 kilometers northwest of Beijing within the Beijing municipality......
Beijing City Tours  
Beijing city's key tourism attractions are the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Hutong Tour, Beijing Zoo, Jingshan Park, North Sea, Bird Nest, Silk Market. And as the center of Forbidden City for Beijing City tour. So these spots are not far from each other and within an hour's drive.  Your itinerary can be tailored based on your own interest.
Mutianyu Great Wall  
MuTianYu has the largest construction scale and best overall quality among all sections of the Great Wall.Mutian valley Great Wall: a total of barbicans 22......
Simatai Great Wall  
Guard of ancient north mouth is located in county of Beijing close cloud, with " Jing, danger, strange " celebrated Sima Taichang town is located in this.Simatai Great Wall is separated into eastern and western parts by a valley, with a rainbow-like chain bridge over the valley.......
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Beijing Day Tour to Tiananmen Square,Forbidden City,Temple of Heaven,Summer Palace,Lugou Bridge,China Great Wall.....
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Hutong is really culture relic in Beijing ,It has a history over 800 years. The word "Hutong "is mongol language and meaning "water well". It refer the small alley ..........
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On this page, we will make some different days and plans for your family vacation or your business trip. You can take a travel plan for Beijing that based on your vocation days and family number. We can also book the hotel for your own request...........
Transportation Service in Beijing  
> Transfer from the airport to the hotel.
> Transfer from the Xingang /Tianjin Port to the hotel in Beijing.
> Transfer from Railway Station to Hotel.


Beijing zoo

beijing tour,beijing zoo tour reserve

Beijing zoo is the biggest zoo in China, Located west of Beijing, It opened in 1907, covers an area of more than 90 hectares, nearly 49 species of animals.
In the Ming dynasty, here is the real estate. But from Qing dynasty has great changes here. In the Ming dynasty, here is a private garden of royalty. Later in Guangxu period (1906) of Qing dynasty, it was built for farms, now in the north east zoo called Bin Feng hall, where the first as the soil samples, now has become a restaurant. In the east, is a the peony hall is ring corridor. With the decline of the late qing dynasty, the rise of revolutionary martyrs, was born in many heroes, like SongJiaoRen monument, four tomb, but due to various historical reason, with only two layer base monument, a tomb also monuments. And in the north of the zoo, from here to the Summer Palace by direct way, you can see, the qing dynasty as camouflage concept extend to the Summer Palace by the dowager cixi on a palace, Changguan building. I was red brick walls, local to turn it into carved ornamental design, and has died after when Cixi and Guangxu, so here is not what they use, now known as "Beijing royal club" don't open.
Now the Beijing zoo has transformed, most attract our mo belong to the panda enclosure, and the aquarium. Panda symbolizes the friendship, he has already spread all over the world, as a symbol of friendship. Aquarium in the zoo in northern river, covers an area of 12 million square meters, is the world's largest inland aquarium, education and science set, entertainment, internal seven theme display area, very exciting. Of course there were other all sorts of cute little animal, if you are interested in it!

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo

Correlative Beijing Tours

010-008 Beijing Day Tour to Badaling Great Wall, Beijing Zoo (Giant Panda), Lama Temple

010-012 Beijing Tour to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beijing Zoo (Giant Panda)

010-016 Beijing Tour to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Beijing Zoo (Giant Panda)

Edotor's Note:  We do not always arrange Beijing Zoo into your Beijing tours, so if you request Chinatravelshanghai to tailor you an itinerary, and you want to see China Giant Panda, please let us know.   ----China Travel Shanghai (Please e-mail to tansy@chinatravelshanghai for more info)

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo
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