China has advanced expressway, railway systems, airlines, and perfect infrastructures and facilities for tourism. We are a professional group who can design and organize various tours for you. Please do not hesitant to contact us if any tour service need for traveling in China.

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ChinatravelShanghai is an online tour service established by experienced travel professionals with many years of helping foreign visitors enjoy the delights and spectacular sights and scenery of China. Whether it was a trip back into China's dynastic past at the Forbidden city, a stroll through the Terra Cotta Warriors museum near Xi'an, a walk along the ramparts of the great Great Wall, or the stunning view of Mount Qomolongma's (Mt. Everest) majestic peak from base camp, the travel professionals of ChinatravelShanghai have assisted thousands of international travelers to realize their dreams to visit China.


ChinatravelShanghaiis owned by the Oversea Department of Beijing Seven Sea International Travel Service Co. Ltd, which is one of the biggest global cruise ship booking centers in the world. Our company co-operates with 18 cruise ship companies, and assists our customers to travel all over the world. Learn more about Beijing Seven Sea International Travel Service at Our Oversea Department has our own co-agents in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guiin, Tibet, Hong Kong and all main cities in China.ChinatravelShanghai links with tour guides, hotels, resorts, and ticket agents throughout China to provide you and your group with an individual experience tailored to your desires.



To learn more about ChinatravelShanghai, please contact us via email at tansy@chinatravelshanghai.comor


Certificate of Honor

Beijing Beiqi International Travel Service takes an active part of paying social security contribution for Beijing handicapped, and was designated as:

Integrity Unit

Beijing people's Government of Handicapped Work Councils  May 2010

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